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Business Areas

Konecranes has two business areas in its organizational structure: Service and Equipment



Service Equipment

With around 600 service locations in nearly 50 countries, Konecranes offers, through a global service network, specialized maintenance and modernization services for all types and makes of industrial cranes, hoists, machine tools, and port equipment.

Business Area Equipment offers components, cranes, and material handling solutions for a wide range of customers, including process industries, the nuclear sector, industries handling heavy loads, container handling, intermodal terminals, shipyards, and bulk material terminals. Products are marketed
through a multi-brand portfolio that includes Konecranes and the group’s power brands: STAHL CraneSystems, SWF Krantechnik, Verlinde, R&M, Morris Crane Systems, and SANMA Hoists & Cranes.


The extensive Konecranes service offering includes crane inspections and preventive maintenance programs, repair and improvements, on-call service, spare parts, modernizations, and consultation services

TRUCONNECT® remote service connects data, machines and people to help businesses identify maintenance and performance issues before they affect safety, productivity or revenue. TRUCONNECT can include access to operating data, abnormal
usage alerts, and remote technical support.

Our product range comprises industrial cranes and
workstation lifting systems, including components
such as wire rope hoists and electric chain hoists.
In addition, we offer nuclear cranes, container and
bulk handling equipment, shipyard cranes, and lift
. The product offering features a number of
advanced technologies, such as automation and
smart features, including sway control, load positioning,
and shock load prevention. Konecranes
Agilon is a patented materials management solution
for managing, storing, picking, and replenishing
components that offers improved efficiency in material


Market position
Konecranes is the market leader in crane service, with the world’s most extensive crane service network.


Market position
Konecranes is one of the world’s largest suppliers of industrial cranes, and a world leader in explosionprotected crane  technology. It is also a global leader in electrical overhead traveling cranes for process industries and shipyard gantry cranes, and a strong global supplier of cranes and lift trucks for container handling and heavy unitized cargo and bulk material

Service contract base
More than 450,000 units are covered by Konecranes service agreements. The majority of this equipment has been manufactured by other companies; Konecranes can provide expert maintenance for any brand of equipment from any manufacturer.

Annual production
We produce thousands of industrial cranes annually, tens of thousands of wire rope hoists and trolleys and electric chain hoists, as well as hundreds of heavy-duty cranes and heavy-duty lift trucks.