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Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to lifting our customers’ businesses responsibly.

We believe that sustainable growth is a result of a strong responsible performance. We increase the value of our shareholders’ investment whilst respecting our personnel, the environment, and the societies in which we operate. Continuous improvement is the guiding principle in everything we do.

Traditionally corporate responsibility is thought to cover acting on, measuring and communicating about the impact a company has on its surroundings. It is usually divided into three areas: Environmental responsibility, Social responsibility, and Economic responsibility.

We defined our focus areas within this frame via stakeholder dialogue and internal cross functional discussions.
Our focus areas are: safety, people, integrity and environment.


Progress Summary

Our business has always been based on sustainable practices. Especially during the last five years we have taken determined steps in our corporate responsibility work. In 2010, for example, Konecranes became the United Nations Global Compact signatory, and in 2013 the first fair labor evaluations were conducted by a third party. Also, in 2014, we reached a decline of 46% in accident frequency during the past 5 years.


Our corporate responsibility approach is based on and supporting our mission, vision and strategy, and our commitments can be seen for example in our values and Code of Conduct.