CXT Crane Range

The CXT® wire rope hoist crane range

CXT cranes are scalable, from basic standard cranes to advanced solutions with lifting capacity all the way to 80 tons. They are typically used in general manufacturing, workshops, automotive, pulp & paper, mining, power, waste to energy and steel industries for various purposes. CXT wire rope hoist cranes are available in single- or double-girder construction. To even better answer our customers’ needs, Konecranes introduced CXT with predesigned packages.

The newest additions to the CXT range are two predesigned packages, CXT UNO and CXT NEO overhead cranes. CXT UNO is a straightforward crane designed for everyday lifting with lifting capacity up to 10 tons. The powerful but agile CXT NEO lifts up to 12.5 tons and is equipped with advanced features such as the MiniJoystick radio and inverter hoisting with adaptive speed range (available in Europe).

Efficiency and intelligent solutions

CXT hoists are designed to use the available space of your building by allowing use of space under the crane. CXT hoists also have excellent hook approaches at both ends of the crane. In addition, Konecranes Smart Features such as sway control and automated positioning make crane operation easy.

Safety is ensured with high-performance brakes, quality wire ropes and remote control operation. Our adaptive speed range means loads move at optimal speed, improving your productivity and saving energy consumption.

With Konecranes Service solutions we provide complete crane care for the total lifecycle of the cranes and our global spare parts network offers excellent availability 24/7.

All key components, such as gears and motors, are designed, manufactured and assembled in-house. These components are designed to work integrally with each other.

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Real-time service with TRUCONNECT®

With TRUCONNECT you are provided with real-time service through remote monitoring, diagnostics, analytics and usage-based predictive maintenance. You can also include Safety Alerts to receive real-time information on selected safety occurrences.

TRUCARE extended warranty services for CXT cranes

TRUCARE for CXT cranes is an extended warranty service package that has been designed with our Lifecycle Care approach in mind. In addition to making maintenance budgeting easier, it helps you fulfill statutory inspection requirements and make fact-based decisions regarding your crane maintenance utilizing TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring.

Depending on your package TRUCARE helps improve predictability of equipment maintenance costs, reduce unplanned stoppages, maintain equipment performance and detect issues affecting the safety and operation of your equipment. TRUCARE for your crane is a customized combination of preventive maintenance and inspections that assures you will receive the appropriate care on your new crane.

Konecranes offers three tailored TRUCARE packages for CXT cranes: TRUCARE Basic, TRUCARE Plus and TRUCARE Premium.

For more information on TRUCARE and its availability, contact your local Konecranes representative.

CXT crane range technical information