CXT® Compact

Back to basics with the CXT Compact crane

The Konecranes CXT Compact is a new high-quality basic crane for occasional lifting needs. When you don't have to lift every day, it is ready and waiting when you do. The CXT Compact is also the ideal choice for a secondary support crane.

Compact crane, enormous quality

A specialized crane has many tailored features, and other cranes might do more. Yet there is style and function in simplicity. The CXT Compact has the same quality and reliability you have come to expect from Konecranes.

We believe basic does not mean plain. Standard features include energy chain power supply and remote control. Its inverter-controlled horizontal movements and 2-speed hoisting motion give you more accuracy. Simple design means easy maintenance for the long life of your CXT Compact crane.

The CXT Compact options

The CXT Compact might be a basic model crane, but it still gives you flexibility in lifting. The chain hoist can take 5 metric tons, and the wire rope hoist can lift up to 20 metric tons. Single girder cranes are available for any span up to 20 meters.

For more demanding lifting needs, consider the standard model CXT wire rope hoist crane.