Shipyard Cranes

Shipyard overview, showing Konecranes’ complete range of lifting equipment

We offer the world’s most complete range of lifting equipment for shipbuilding, from workshop chain hoists to the Goliath Gantry Crane.

Lifting the shipbuilding process 

Konecranes makes shipyard cranes and other shipyard lifting equipment for every stage of the shipbuilding process.

When shipbuilding material arrives by ship or barge, the first crane to handle it is an unloading crane. The warehousing area stores and moves the material with small gantries and sometimes plate handling cranes. From pre-treatment, it continues into the workshop. Light overhead cranes bring steel plates into the cutting area. As the welding of plates creates bigger segments and ship blocks, each crane gets bigger accordingly. As the shipyard cranes increase in size, they need more features and special attachments.

Time for Goliath

When the ship blocks are moved outside, the Goliath Gantry Crane takes over. Being able to lift and assemble large blocks reduces dry dock time and speeds up the entire shipbuilding process.

When the hull is ready for launch, the dry dock gate is opened. The outfitting quay with jib cranes or floating dock cranes continue the work from where the dry dock jibs finished.