Supersafe™ technology.

Preventing accidental load drops.


Contaminated Steam? No problem.

Contaminated Steam? No problem.


Single Failure Proof Commitment

Leading the industry in nuclear crane technology.


Total control.

Precision movements within half a millimeter.


Controlled safety

Moving spent fuel more safely and more controlled than ever before.


Nuclear Equipment and Services

Konecranes manages nuclear challenges

Running a nuclear facility is a very complex activity. You have to manage many different tasks simultaneously to ensure your plant stays operational. Failure is not an option: you need the safest and most reliable equipment available. Konecranes can provide every lifting solution you need for this unique environment. Konecranes provides nuclear cranes and other lifting solutions that help you manage your industrial challenges.

Specialized cranes for all your nuclear lifting needs

Whether you are starting up or shutting down, handling fuel, adjusting turbines, or even just managing plant maintenance, we have the equipment to fit the task.

For example, use a polar crane to move the reactor vessel head during an outage. It can also shift heavy machinery in the containment dome during construction or revision. Our fuel handling equipment helps you accurately position live fuel into the reactor core.

With a cask handling crane, you can remove spent fuel, and cask transporters take the casks away for safe disposal. Our turbine hall crane helps you to manipulate your steam turbines as required. Choose a SMARTON® crane, a CXT® crane, or a more conventional device like a jib crane for non-contaminant areas.

In the nuclear industry, safety is the single most important issue. Our nuclear lifting equipment is quite possibly the safest available on the market today. Our SupersafeTM patented single failure proof technology almost entirely removes any chance of accidental load drop. Even during a total loss of power, our cranes can safely lower a load.

Not just machines, but services as well to keep you operational

We don't just sell you some cranes and forget you. We want to enter a long-term partnership with you to guarantee safe and reliable lifting equipment. Konecranes has the skills and international resources to ensure repairs and replacements are done as fast as possible.

Preventive maintenance ensures your nuclear lifting equipment seldom needs repairs. On-board diagnostics keep both you and us aware of the condition of your cranes. Armed with this knowledge, our service personnel can make sure your cranes work to the best of their design and are always ready when you need them.

Our nuclear knowledge and experience is unequalled

With over 50 years of supplying equipment to the nuclear industry, we have the experience in the nuclear industry you can trust. More than 60 percent of the nuclear facilities around the world use Konecranes products. We are a member in several nuclear advisory groups, including ASME NOG-1. You can be sure we understand the nature of nuclear payloads, the latest in nuclear handling technology, and the need for absolute safety.

The simple fact is, we know nuclear. We can provide a product and service package tailored specially for you, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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