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Petrochemical Equipment and Services

Konecranes manages petrochemical industry challenges

The coke pit of a petrochemical plant is a harsh environment. Moisture, corrosive and ignitable fumes, conductive dust, abrasive coke dust, and weather are all challenges the crane operator must face. Productivity is fast and rarely stops as your coke needs to be processed and transported on time to meet demanding contracts. Downtime is not an option. Konecranes provides petrochemical cranes and other lifting solutions that help you manage your industrial challenges.

Coker cranes: the heart of the plant

Heavy duty cranes always need tailoring for their specific circumstances. All cranes in the hazardous production area must be protected against corrosion from heat, dust, moisture, and constant use. So Konecranes makes a range of coker cranes for that purpose alone: moving coke.

The bridge crane features an independent travelling cab for improved operator visibility, good with a wide span layout. A single leg gantry (SLG) gives you a hopper-side runway rail at the grade level. This saves you the cost of an elevated runway structure. The travelling hopper eliminates long travel and keeps the crane more efficient. Add a cantilever to the SLG for a narrower pit width.

Konecranes also makes a number of smaller explosion proof cranes ideal for a petrochemical plant. For example, the EXN chain hoist crane is good for any light general lifting. Our jib cranes for hazardous environments are ideal as maintenance or auxiliary cranes.

Our automated load control features make operating our coker cranes simple and easy. With advanced features such as Grab Control, Sway Control, and Auto Steering, your load is always in the right place.

Services for the petrochemical industry to keep you operational

We don't just sell you some cranes and forget you. We want to enter a long-term partnership with you to guarantee safe and reliable cranes. Konecranes has the skills and international resources to ensure repairs and replacements are done as fast as possible.

Preventive maintenance ensures your cranes seldom need repairs. On-board diagnostics keep both you and us aware of the condition of your cranes. You can also choose our TRUCONNECT® remote monitoring and reporting service. Armed with this knowledge, our service personnel can make sure your cranes stay operational and downtime is minimized.

Your satisfaction is paramount

For nearly 80 years, Konecranes has been making cranes for every purpose all around the world. You can be sure that our long experience gives us the expert knowledge that will benefit your business.

We can provide a product and service package tailored specially for you, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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