Stig Gustavson

Stig Gustavson b. 1945
Chairman of the Board since 2005. Board Member since 1994 and Member of the Nomination and Compensation Committee since 2006.
M.Sc. (Eng.), Dr.Tech. (hon.)

Principal occupation: Board professional

Primary working experience
KCI Konecranes Plc 1994 – 2005: President and CEO
KONE Cranes division 1988 – 1994: President
KONE Corporation 1982 – 1988 and prior to 1982: holder of various executive positions in major Finnish corporations

Current key positions of trust
Ahlström Capital Oy: Chairman of the Board
Handelsbanken Regional Bank Finland: Chairman of the Board
Oy Mercantile Ab: Vice Chairman of the Board
Dynea Oy: Vice Chairman of the Board
IK Investment Partners: Board Member in the following Funds: IK 1997, IK 2000, IK 2004, IK 2007 and IK VII Limited
Outokumpu Group: Board Member
Technology Academy Foundation: Chairman of the Board
Mutual Pension Insurance Company Varma: Member of the Supervisory Board

Stig Gustavson is deemed to be dependent of the company based on the Board’s overall evaluation relating to his former and current positions in Konecranes combined with his substantial voting rights in the company. He is independent of any significant shareholders.

Shares and option holdings (NetSire register)