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Amendment to Konecranes Plc Performance Share Plan 2012

Stock exchange release

The Board of Directors has resolved to amend the performance share plan launched in 2012 so that two three-year discretionary periods 2013—2015 and 2014—2016 will follow the discretionary periods commenced in 2012.  The performance criterion for the discretionary period 2013–2015 is the cumulative Earnings per Share (EPS) of the financial years 2013—2015.

The target group of the plan consists of approximately 150 people during the discretionary period 2013—2015. The rewards to be paid on the basis of the discretionary period correspond to the value of an approximate maximum total of 700,000 Konecranes Plc shares. If the targets determined by the Board of Directors are attained, the reward payout may be a half of the maximum reward. The maximum reward payout requires that the targets are clearly exceeded. 

The launch and essential terms and conditions of the performance share plan 2012 have been published in a stock exchange release on March 22, 2012.


Miikka Kinnunen
Director, Investor Relations

Mr Miikka Kinnunen, Director, Investor Relations, tel. +358 20 427 2050

Konecranes is a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses™, serving a broad range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. Konecranes provides productivity-enhancing lifting solutions as well as services for lifting equipment and machine tools of all makes. In 2012, Group sales totaled EUR 2,170 million. The Group has 12,100 employees at 609 locations in 47 countries. Konecranes is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki (symbol: KCR1V).