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Konecranes launches TRUCONNECT® for LIFT TRUCKS

TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring and Reporting allows lift truck operators to track the real usage of their lift trucks through a remote connection. This new service proves Konecranes’ commitment to offering its customers greater value with new services and remote connectivity.

TRUCONNECT®for Lift Trucks monitors the real usage of Konecranes lift trucks through a remote connection. It provides an online window to track efficiency and productivity. Condition monitoring units in the trucks collect operating data and transmit it wirelessly to the Konecranes Remote Data Center. Here the data is analyzed and compiled in online views and reports, accessible 24/7 through a password-protected Customer Portal.

The online views and reports contain information that will prove invaluable in efforts to improve fleet efficiency, productivity and safety: total fuel consumption; average fuel consumption when the truck is running laden, empty or idling; average fuel consumption per load; top and average speed; load spectrum; travelling distance; and other parameters.

At the most immediate level, TRUCONNECT®for Lift Trucks can be used to improve maintenance operations for greater uptime. ”The usage information helps the truck owner to improve maintenance operations by scheduling maintenance according to actual usage. The truck owner gets information that helps him to allocate maintenance resources with confidence”, says Göran Pehrsson, Service Manager, Konecranes Lift Trucks.

For more information, contact:
Lotta Tagesson, Marketing Specialist Konecranes Lift Trucks
Tel: +46 433-735 01, mobil: +46 725 17 35 01

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