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Konecranes provides corrected 2016 comparison figures for combined company orders received

Stock exchange release


On April 10, 2017, Konecranes published recast segment results for 2016 reflecting the new financial reporting structure. The comparable combined company segment information contained some errors in Service orders received (approximately EUR 16 million for Q1-Q4/2016) as contract base value was not excluded from orders received in certain MHPS units. The table below contains the corrected comparable combined company orders received for 2016. 

EUR million 
Orders received by Business Area Q1/2016 Q2/2016 Q3/2016 Q4/2016 Q1-Q4/2016
Service1 245.2 254.6 241.2 240.4 981.4
Industrial Equipment 275.6 300.8 275.9 296.7 1 148.9
Port Solutions 171.4 249.7 203.0 421.1 1 045.2
./. Internal -35.3 -43.4 -34.8 -36.7 -150.2
Total 656.9 761.6 685.3 921.5 3,025.3
1Excl. Service Contract Base          

Basis of preparation

The comparable combined company’s operations comprise Konecranes’ operations without the divested STAHL CraneSystems business, but including the acquired MHPS business. The comparable combined financial information is based on management’s estimates and is for illustrative purposes only. The combined financial information gives an indication of the combined company's key figures assuming the activities were included in the same company from the beginning of 2016.

The comparable combined financial information is based on a hypothetical situation and should not be viewed as pro forma financial information as differences in accounting principles have not been taken into account. The unaudited combined financial information presented above is based on Konecranes Group’s financial statements for the financial year 2016 according to IFRS and Terex Corporations’s (“Terex”) MHPS segment unaudited special purpose carve-out financial information for the financial year 2016 according to USGAAP.

As the financial information for MHPS has been prepared on a carve-out basis, this does not necessarily reflect what its results of operations would have been, had MHPS operated as an independent company and had it presented stand-alone financial information under IFRS during the period presented. Moreover, the carve-out financial information may not be indicative of MHPS’s future performance of the operative activities aggregated within Konecranes.

Konecranes is unable to present a reconciliation of the combined financial information as MHPS’ financials have been calculated according to USGAAP and using different accounting principles than Konecranes and as Terex has categorized MHPS as a discontinued operation in 2016.


Miikka Kinnunen
Vice President, Investor Relations

Mr. Miikka Kinnunen, Vice President, Investor Relations, tel. +358 20 427 2050

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