Corporate Responsibility

At Konecranes we have been working on building the cornerstones of our Corporate Responsibility work in a way that supports our strategic ambitions as a company and answers the needs of our stakeholders. When looking at the road ahead, it is clear that future-proofing our business means providing products and services that lead the way in the transition towards a circular, low-carbon society. Our task is to enable this transition not only for ourselves but also for our customers and other key stakeholders. In practical terms this means working on lowering our energy consumption and emissions. It means creating value through sustainable offering, circular economy and our deeply rooted safety culture. It means working on being the company of choice through active engagement in diversity and inclusion and working towards uncompromising ethical conduct through the constant development of our responsible business processes and practices. For each area we have set clear targets on what we want to achieve.

We have set 2020 and 2025 targets for all focus areas and regularly monitor our performance and progress. Read more about how we manage our major economic, environmental and social impacts from our Sustainability Report 2019.

Through our three complementary Business Areas, we seek to respond to the majority of our customers’ lifti­ng needs. Our business aims to improve our customers’ safety and deliver optimal productivity by offering a wide range of eco-efficient products and service solutions that promote circular economy. Safety is an integral part of our business and prioritizing it in all areas of our operations brings us a competitive advantage. By means of digitalization, we offer advanced tools to improve the productivity, serviceability and lifetime of the equipment.

Read more from the Targets and progress section.


Key highlights from 2019

1. Defined and updated sustainability themes, targets and KPIs.

2. Finalized a climate risk scenario analysis to strengthen our understanding about climate change and its possible   physical and transitional risks as well as related market risks.

3. Started drafting a Climate road map.

4. Started work on a Circular Economy road map

5. Finished full life cycle-scale study to communicate products’ climate impacts and to support Design for Environment (DfE) process.

6. Rolled out the Konecranes Life Saving Behaviors with a Safety campaign.

7. Started unconscious bias training for our leadership and prepared similar training for line managers. Established an internal platform for sharing ideas on diversity and inclusion.

8. Launched an initiative in which Group Executive Board members mentor a female mentee.

9. Conducted a global compliance & ethics risk assessment.


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