Diversity and Inclusion

We respect and embrace diverse work and lifestyles and cultural differences. We see various benefits of having a diverse workforce from having employees representing 92 different nationalities from different parts of the world. Fostering diversity in terms of gender, age, cultural and educational backgrounds encourages innovation and exceptional organizational performance. In our view, varied skill sets are a key driver of creativity and value creation, and diversity and inclusivity result in teams that deliver better results.

We aim to create a diverse working environment and a culture that respects individuals. Konecranes aspires to be at the forefront of breaking down traditional barriers in the heavy manufacturing industry, and we seek to develop a diverse company for all generations, current and future. Our ambition is to achieve a balance between genders at all leadership levels, and in general, to build a much more diverse organization.

We manage diversity by raising awareness, initiating individual projects, and providing training, but also by implementing diversity and equal opportunity requirements in our daily processes.  Our basic people procedures, such as recruitment, career development, rewards, and learning & development take talent and diversity issues into account. Our Diversity policy is reinforced by our existing policy on Respect in the Workplace, which communicates our principles on equal opportunities, anti-harassment and fair employment. We aim to create a diverse working environment and a culture that respects individuals. Fair and responsible practices, equal career development opportunities and embracing diversity are the key enablers in the race to attract employees with the potential to be the best in the industry.


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