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We believe that sustainable growth results from strong, responsible performance. Conducting responsible leadership practices means being responsible for the societies and communities in which we work, since they have expectations of us. The Konecranes Code of Conduct takes into account principles regarding: environmental management; health and safety; equal opportunity, fair employment practices and anti-discrimination; diversity and inclusion; anti-corruption; reporting ethical and compliance concerns; and sourcing and purchasing. We are committed to providing our customers with safe and sustainable solutions and services they can rely on while preventing and minimizing emissions and waste. We strive to continuously improve our products, processes and services and deliver on our commitments through concrete actions. Our service concept guarantees that all lifting equipment can be maintained at top performance, extending the lifespan to the fullest.

Sustainability work at Konecranes is embedded into our governance processes at several levels. It is managed by Konecranes’ Sustainability team and through the Sustainability Council, which convenes four times a year. In addition, Sustainability themes and metrics are also regularly on the agenda of the Konecranes Leadership Team. The Board of Directors reviews sustainability performance and approves the long-term focus annually. Our operations and ways of working are guided by Konecranes’ Code of Conduct and our values and principles for economic, social and environmental responsibility.


Key policies and principles:

Code of Conduct

o    Setting the standard for responsible business conduct

o    Human rights principles

Environmental Policy

o    Providing eco-efficient solutions and services for our customers

o    Strive for climate action with external targets

o    Preventing and minimizing harmful discharges into the air, water and ground

Global Compact commitment

o    Operating according to the Compact’s ten principles to meet the fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

Safety Policy

o    Behaving safely always

o    Having zero tolerance towards unsafe acts and safety violations

o    Continuously improving our safety culture and performance

Quality Policy

o    Focusing on customers

o    Offer the best service in the industry

o    Provide state of the art technology

o    Strive for zero defects and zero accidents

Supplier Code of Conduct

o    Setting the standard for responsible business conduct expected from suppliers

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

o    Increasing gender diversity

Anti-Corruption Policy

o    Working against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery

Respect in the Workplace

o    Respecting and valuing our people by providing equal working opportunities

o    Developing a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment


Our Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption policy

Applying responsible leadership practices means being responsible for the societies and communities in which we work since they have expectations for us. Furthermore, we are a signatory member of the United Nations Global Compact and its ten principles. We review key corporate responsibility risks on an annual basis.

Konecranes’ Code of Conduct and Corporate Governance Framework guide the everyday activities of the company by clearly describing our internal standards and ethical values as well as our legal obligations. The Code of Conduct is complemented by several Group-wide policies covering quality, safety, the environment, supplier requirements, anti-corruption, competition compliance and equal treatment and diversity. We have an executive-level Compliance & Ethics Committee to oversee the implementation and development of our compliance & ethics program managed by the Head of Compliance & Ethics. Any breeches to these policies are discussed and investigated by the Compliance & Ethics Committee.


Our Anti-Corruption policy and Code of Conduct demonstrate our commitment to work against corruption in all forms, including extortion and bribery. They define the level of ethical conduct we seek to uphold and support our long-term competitiveness in the global markets. Our Anti-Corruption policy has compliance protocols and guidelines in place to detect risks, with a zero-tolerance approach towards corrupt practices embedded in our monitoring and follow-up processes. Several actions and processes are set up to mitigate corruption and fraud risks.

We use a risk-based Know-Your-Counterparty process whereby the level of scrutiny is determined by considering, for example, the risks associated with the business in question, country risks and business partner risks. In 2019 we introduced a Gift and Hospitality Portal, a central location for employees to report and get pre-approvals for offering and receiving gifts and hospitality according to the rules set out in our Anti-Corruption Policy.


Whistleblowing channel

We promote a healthy corporate speak-up culture where people can feel safe reporting compliance and ethical concerns without fear of retaliation. For this we use our internal Whistleblowing Channel to raise concerns relating to legal and ethical conduct.