Safety management

There is no job so important and no service so urgent that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely and correctly

Safety is an integral part of our business and prioritizing it in all areas of our activities gives us a competitive advantage. Our work in managing safety starts from our own employees but extends beyond the company’s boundaries, covering our product offering, our suppliers, subcontractors and everyone we work with. With the help of our products, solutions and services, our customers not only enhance safety but also improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations. Safety is vital in everything we do; our overall approach and commitment to safety is outlined in our Health and Safety Policy, and we make it come alive through our safety management tools and global practices.

Everyone home safe, everyday

Our target is for everyone to return home safely, every day. We seek to achieve our objectives through strategic, Group-led programs and business-specific initiatives. Careful safety reporting and follow-up procedures help us build a coherent safety culture, recognize our most significant risks, and validate the effectiveness of our safety work. Safety is an integral part of our business, and prioritizing it in all areas of our operations brings us a competitive advantage. Our occupational health and safety principles are defined in the Code of Conduct and in our Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety policies, and we have several safety management tools and global practices in place.

There are considerable occupational health and safety risks in the material handling industry. Our most significant safety risks are related to factory work, vehicle incidents crane and equipment installation, and the service business, where our technicians’ working conditions vary from job to job. All Konecranes employees are properly trained to perform their tasks safely and correctly.

The company follows incidents and hazards through management systems, the ARMOR reporting system and the AIR product compliance management system, as well as through customer feedback collected after each major delivery. Konecranes has set a target to get all manufacturing units certified against OHSAS/ISO 45001 by the end of 2021. Currently we are 68.5 % OHSAS/45001 certified. Safety performance is discussed monthly in the Group and BA leadership meetings, including the serious, or potentially serious, cases.

From 2020 onwards we changed our main lag KPI from LTA1 (lost-time incident rate) to TRI (total recordable incident rate). The aim is to capture a wider picture of what our safety performance looks like by including all injuries requiring professional medical treatment in our performance evaluation. We also report and follow up on contractor incidents in our reporting system, but those are not included in our incident rate.



We want to provide a safe workplace for our employees and everyone working with us, and to make our customers' operations safe.


At Konecranes, everyone is committed to our journey towards safety excellence, understand the value of health and safety. Together with our customers, and all others working with us, we aim to be the safety leader in our industry. 
Employees walking

Konecranes is committed to:

Behaving safely – always

Zero tolerance towards unsafe acts and safety violations

Zero accidents and work related illness at workplace

Continually improving our safety culture and performance

Meeting or exceeding applicable legal and other requirements


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