The Konecranes ATB AirBalancer is unique in lifting technology. Using a floating load unit, it harnesses air pressure as the power source. Any load up to 350 kilos feels almost weightless as you move it to where you need it.

Air balancing equipment is excellent for assembly processes, repair, and industrial production tasks in many industries, including manufacturing, solar energy, automotive, railroad, aviation, health care, and food.

Make your light lifting safer, smoother and easier than ever

The AirBalancer prevents you from overloading. With uninterrupted three-dimensional movement and no jerky motions while lifting or lowering, precision is guaranteed. You also greatly reduce any risk of accidental load damage or drop. The AirBalancer is especially good for lifting fragile items.

Smoother means significantly faster and cycle times are much less than those for chain hoists. Instead of electricity, the AirBalancer uses pneumatic control technology, making it safer to operate and cheaper to maintain. It also creates a cleaner and quieter working environment.

Fully adaptable air balancing

We can tailor your AirBalancer for your specific needs. Choose a proportional control, a balancing control, or combine the two. In addition, air balancing equipment is compatible with a wide range of other crane systems. For example, you can use it with the Konecranes XA and XM workstation cranes, and jib cranes.

Whatever your light lifting needs, the Konecranes ATB AirBalancer is a fast, flexible, and economical alternative to hoists.