Aluminum Light Crane Systems

Our new XA light crane system applies the strength and low weight of aluminum to your every light material lifting need. Handling low loads of up to 2 metric tons across a wide variety of rail types, it is a robust, cost-efficient solution for your work area.

Aluminum structure better than steel

An anodized aluminum surface ensures the long-term durability of your purchase. The modular design, requiring no welding or painting, greatly reduces downtime during installation, expansion, or upgrade.

Compared with steel, the light aluminum structure halves rolling resistance and dead weight. A choice of motorized or push-pull trolleys means more control over your lifting and your costs.

The XA light crane system ensures moves are smooth and silent

Coupled with the Konecranes’ Air Balancer and Vertical Lifter, the XA light crane system provides a smooth and quiet journey, even across joints. Loads will feel almost weightless as you move them through your workspace.

Varied rail configurations, including monorails and single and double girder cranes, give the XA the versatility for use across your entire production line.