Chain Hoists for Hazardous Environment

The Konecranes EXN electric chain hoist offers the strength of a steel chain for a superior level of safety and reliability. It is an XN hoist specially fitted with EX compontents. Easy to operate, the EXN is a dependable, explosion-proof hoist.

Ideal for energy production, chemicals handling, or light manufacturing, use it anywhere you need to lift up to 10 tons with a risk of gas or dust in the air.

An even safer electric hoist

At Konecranes, safety is always high on the agenda. Our unique mechanical configuration prevents sparks and other ignition risks under normal operating conditions. We use a motor specially designed for the EX environment and the electrical components are inside an EX enclosure. Your load is further safeguarded by a slipping clutch-type overload control.

The hoist complies with the EU ATEX directives. It follows European standards for explosive atmospheres, including the EN60079 series, and can be made for IECEX approval on request.

Flexible with your changing needs

The EXN electric chain hoist is approved to 5 metric tons in Zones 1 and 2 (gas) and up to 10 metric tons in Zone 22 (dust). Choose from stationary, hook suspended, push, or motorized trolley versions. You can also get a special low headroom trolley for Supersack handling.

You might like to request strengthened safety features, such as stainless steel load chains, or bronze-coated hooks and traveling wheels. If you take IP66 protection, your hoist is not only dust proof, but waterproof. These and many other options are available for extra peace of mind.

Imagine an XN hoist that's safe to use in the most demanding hazardous environment: that's the EXN. Inside or outside explosive atmospheres, our chain hoists perform to the same high standards you have come to expect from Konecranes.