Customer story

Konecranes provides Wagstaff, Inc. outstanding crane service

Konecranes equipment in manufacturing facility

Wagstaff Inc. is a world-leader in manufacturing equipment and providing services for the aluminum direct chill casting process.


Lifting the standards

For several years, Wagstaff used a proficient in-house maintenance crew to inspect the 34 overhead cranes and 32 jib cranes in their facility. In April 2012, Wagstaff asked Konecranes to perform a MAINMAN® inspection to verify that Wagstaff’s cranes were being maintained for safe and productive operation.


Trusted teammates

Working together, Konecranes technicians and the maintenance staff at Wagstaff examined the way the holding brakes were being adjusted and confirmed that all load tests were performed and documented according to OSHA standards.

Konecranes technicians used their intensive knowledge of crane regulations to ensure that every conductor bar had the ground bar required by OSHA. Wagstaff made all repairs, upgrades and changes necessary to maintain compliance with OSHA and state standards. During these repairs, the in-house maintenance crew helped and gathered information from the Konecranes technicians.

“We are truly partnering with the team at Wagstaff. We enjoy working withthem, and they trust us to be their crane experts,” said Kirk Steinberg, new business development at Konecranes.


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