Customer story

Locomotive equipment shop turned to Konecranes when they needed a crane with increased speed

A locomotive equipment shop spans 30 acres of land and is equipped to handle any type of locomotive repair. This particular shop is one of the oldest, busiest workshops in the world, servicing hundreds of locomotives annually.

In the diesel engine repair area, the shop originally had a single trolley crane with a main and auxiliary hoist. Even though these hoists were faster than typical hoists, the shop wanted to add a second hoist so they could remove and reinstall locomotive covers more quickly. The only catch was that the new hoist needed to match the speed of the existing hoists.

Konecranes installed the new DC hoist/trolley and installed new drives. Now, the shop is capable of running all hoists/trolleys in tandem with matching speeds. The additional hoist allows them to lift locomotive covers with precise, fast movements—meaning that they can repair more locomotives each day.


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