Konecranes calls its automation approach “the path to port automation”. Fully automated yard operation can be the goal, but it doesn’t have to be. You can explore automation in steps, tailored precisely to your operational needs.

2020 webinar vodcasts:
Why automation makes sense?
Speaker: Yvo Saanen, Sales Director, TBA Group

Implementing A-STRAD in brownfield 
Speaker: Ross Clarke, Programme Manager, Port of Auckland

Mind The Gap! Our lessons learned for your Automation Journey 
Speaker: Paul Saraber, Head of IT and Systems, Rotterdam World Gateway

RTG Automation for any brown field. Guaranteed.
Speaker: Mattias Karlsson, Sales Manager, Solutions, Konecranes

ECS - bringing all automated equipment together
Speaker: Mariette Koekoek, Business Development Manager, TBA Group

iTerminals 4.0 IoT-BigData experience
Speaker: Francisco Blanquer, Innovation & Development Senior Manager, Terminal Link

Protecting your data and operations
Speaker: Timo Harjunen, Director of Digital Platform Development, Konecranes

How to get on the path to port automation: pre-study and example outputs
Speaker: Yvo Saanen, Sales Director, TBA Group



Good planning is the seed from which a good project grows. Training is a key part of the whole. The “internet of things” and “big data” are the here and now. Konecranes and the TBA Group are here to help you.

2021 webinar vodcasts:
Intermodal Simulation, emulation and results: real intermodal cases
Speaker: Jeroen Kats TBA Group, Project Director - Design and Simulation Services

2020 webinar vodcasts:
People first. A training approach that works
Speaker: Gabriela Soto Pascual, Head of optimisation, TBA Group

How to (not) Ruin Your Training
Speaker: Chiara Cotogni, Project Manager, TBA Group

Testing, tuning and training with a digital twin
Speaker: Pascal Bierhuizen, CTO, TBA Group

Benefits of Simulator Training for operators, case MHC
Speaker: Deborah Schriegel-Bendik, Training Manager, Port Services, Konecranes

3D Port Equipment


Konecranes has the widest and deepest equipment offering in container handling. That’s true today, and it will be true tomorrow. We have a long-term vision. 

2021 webinar vodcasts:

Greetings from the management: The DNA Of Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes
Speaker: Heribert Barlage, Senior Vice President Mobile Harbor Cranes, Konecranes

Introduction of the new Generation 6 Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes 
Guest: Mike Hegewald-Beer, Senior Director Product Management, Konecranes
Interviewer: Robert Vennemann, Marketing Manager, Konecranes

The most eco-efficient mobile harbor crane
Speaker: Dr. Jörg Müller, Director Technology, Konecranes

Digital services for productive crane operation
Speaker: Thomas Kirsten, Product Management, Konecranes

Mobile harbor cranes serviceability
Speaker: Neil Griffiths, Sales Manager, Konecranes

Current Megatrends in Intermodal: Demands for noise reduction, global & local examples. Rise of semi-automated operation: a couple case
Speaker: Stephan Stiehler, "Konecranes Mr. Intermodal", Konecranes, Sales Director Intermodal

Building up a mid-size trimodal terminal
Speaker: Luc Smits, Managing Director, Combined Cargo Terminals B.V.

What is unique about how Port of Virginia does intermodal with remotely operated RMGs? Benefits of remote operation in intermodal
Speaker: Rich CeciSr Vice President, Technology and Projects, Virginia International Terminals

Silent Intermodal - How to do it?
Speaker: Ari Nieminen, Konecranes, Senior Lead Engineer, Machinery

The Konecranes RMG: Strength in silence, strength in performance
Speaker: Heikki KrekuKonecranes, Director, BL RMG

2020 webinar vodcasts:
Mobile Harbor Cranes - Fit For the Future
Speaker: Giuseppe Di Lisa, Sales Director, MHC, Konecranes

Future Mega-vessel Handling with Next-Gen STS
Speaker: Lasse Merenheimo, Director, STS, Konecranes

Ensuring full asset visibility
Speaker: Sampsa Oja, Product Manager, Port Services, Konecranes

Connected vehicle solutions
Speaker: Bertrand Marion, Director of Business Development & Digitalization, Lift Trucks, Konecranes



Retrofits, spare parts, upgrades, remote services: it’s all about keeping your current equipment running well.

Digitalization in Parts Supply
Speaker: Erno Kallio, Manager, Parts Digital/IT, Konecranes Port Services

Optimizing Equipment Performance Through Service Level Agreements & CASE APM Terminals
Speaker: Jasper JahnManager, Service Development, Konecranes Port Services
Speaker: Matti Janssen, Equipment Manager AHTS, APM Terminals Maasvlakte ll B.V.

Condition Monitoring for Early Detection of Failures 
Speaker: Navé Orgad, Service Innovation & SLA Director, Konecranes

Lift Trucks Lifetime Advantages
Speaker: Pablo Floriano, Liftace Parts Sales Manager, Konecranes Lift Trucks

Cranes. Evolved. & Case Study: BMF Port Burga's Experience with Port Crane Electrification
Speaker: Volker Struck, Global Technical Sales Support, Konecranes Port Services
Case Study: BMF Port Burga's Experience with Port Crane Electrification
Speaker: Iveta Dimitrova, Customer Service Specialist, Port of Burgas

Retrofitting container yards for remote operations
Speaker: Alfredo Bouza, Sales Director, Port Services, Konecranes

Adapting to the New Normal: Go Remote!
Speaker: Robin Reuter, Trainer, Port Solutions, Konecranes

Spare parts on demand: data-driven inventory management
Speaker: Navè Orgad, Director of Service Innovation & SLA, Konecranes



Ecolifting from Konecranes is about moving to fully electric operation via grid power or the latest developments in battery technology. This can be done with retrofitting too.

Powered by Ecolifting
Speaker: Jan Schmidt-Ewig, Team Leader Development, Port Solutions, Konecranes

Ecolifting Retrofits
Speaker: Ingo Schmuland, Product Manager, Port Services, Konecranes

Shore-powered Mobile Harbor Cranes that electrify your business
Speaker: Dr. Dirk Rother, Product Management Application, MHC, Konecranes

Hybrid RTG Retrofit. Fast and Easy
Speaker: Alfredo Bouza, Sales & Marketing Director, Port Services, Konecranes

Battery industry and its footprint: are Lithium batteries reducing total emissions?
Speaker: Dr. David Flaschenträger, Quantron (importer for CATL in Europe)

Offsetting option for Ports
Speaker: Anniina Virta-Toikka, Environmental Specialist, Konecranes