SMARTON & UNITON: Cranes for the toughest operations

A SMARTON crane is especially good at heavy lifting in assembly and maintenance. UNITON is best at process duties, in those places you need to lift high-volume materials.

Our cranes are built around key components that we design and manufacture in-house. Konecranes gears, motors and controls are made only for cranes and are fully integrated into the core of our
crane technology. We don't just design the components, but also the interactions between them. This approach gives us the flexibility to find the right solution for your lifting needs.


SMARTON is a compact open winch electric overhead crane. With intelligent mechanical design, energy efficiency, and a wide range of features, it lifts up to 250 tons for demanding assembly and maintenance work. Each SMARTON is specially configured for its particular operating conditions, giving you a tough, easily adaptable crane for your lifting needs.

SMARTON is a powerful double-girder crane that can lift any load from 6.3 to 250 tons. You can choose almost every aspect of its design: various controller alternatives for crane operators, application-specific hoisting trolley layouts, a range of hook options, and a wide selection of safety features adapted to your particular facility. SMARTON is a durable, high-quality crane with enough configurations to meet your lifting needs for years to come.

SMARTON was developed specifically for lifting that requires accurate and smooth movement. Using new developments in mechanical and electrical engineering combined with the latest lifting automation technology, this crane is ideal for precision movement. SMARTON is perfect for putting things together, moving heavy yet fragile objects, or performing maintenance. In facilities such as power plants, SMARTON provides the kind of material handling suited to a workshop or routine maintenance tasks. Versatile, robust and strong, you can use it every day, or keep it as a reliable crane for only the most critical lifts


UNITON is an open winch electric overhead crane. An easy-to-operate, energy-efficient crane, it is well-suited for demanding process applications. When designing and building a crane for you, we are careful to take into account your specific requirements. You will have a unique crane for your unique lifting needs.

The robust UNITON crane can lift anything up to 160 tons. But the real strength of the crane lies in a modular design that gives you choice and flexibility like never before. You get exactly the right load and duty class, lifting heights and trolley gauge for your processes. It fits your facility and your needs exactly as you want it.

UNITON is a crane in demand. Made just for your facility, it helps improve your productivity, is energy efficient, and is easy to use. This crane manages heavy duty process applications smoothly and easily, across a wide range of industries. In facilities such as steel and aluminium mills, a UNITON crane handles coils, aluminium ingots, slabs and pipes with ease. In an automotive plant, customized trolley configurations give you the flexibility you need to position and maintain stamping dies.


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