Electric Belt Hoists

XB belt hoists

Konecranes XB electric belt hoist is designed for a sterile environment, where contamination is a risk. This hoist is ideal when you work in food production, agriculture, or chemicals. It can lift from 500 kilos to 2,000 kilos.

Safe and easy electric hoist for clean rooms

You are protected by an overload limiter which prevents accidental overload of the crane. The long-life belt can withstand immersion in boiling water, is acid-resistant, and unaffected by solvents. You get no corrosion when your XB hoist is exposed to these materials.

The standard XB electric belt hoist can lift up to 2 metric tons, but a special model can take up to 5 tons. A lifting height of up to 9 meters and a 2-speed motor ensure easier handling of your load.

Belt hoist compatible with existing equipment

We understand that you don't want to buy your lifting equipment from different suppliers. That makes maintenance and upgrade time-consuming, expensive, and complicated. The XB electric belt hoist can be easily fitted to any existing Konecranes light crane system you may already have. You get a complete solution from one supplier.

Whenever you need a safe and reliable hoist in a clean room, the Konecranes XB electric belt hoist is the right solution.