Maintenance Cranes


Wet end paper machine cranes

The cranes needed for process equipment maintenance are typically wet end cranes, coater cranes, deinking plant cranes, vacuum pump maintenance, mezzanine floor cranes and hoists, roll grinding workshop cranes, converting plant cranes and cranes or hoists on the roll wrapping line, and workshop cranes.

The wet end crane has multiple purposes, ranging from paper machine maintenance to working as a dry end crane back up. It is used to erect the paper machine, to aid in machine roll maintenance and to handle paper machine parts. During paper machine maintenance stops, quick and accurate movements are needed when changing the press or dryer section rolls of the paper machine. Safe handling of the heavy press rolls and reliable start-up after standstills in warm, humid and chemically aggressive environments require a particular type of crane design.

Intelligent load handling technologies

Using Smart Features simplifies crane operation and minimizes load sway. You can use Extended Speed Range and Sway Control to reduce the handling time during hectic paper machine maintenance stops.