Konecranes Noell RTG

Rubber-tired gantry cranes

Our Konecranes Noell RTG rubber-tired gantry cranes are an excellent solution for medium-sized container terminals, equipped with an on-board diesel generator and optional external power supply.


Our rubber-tired gantry cranes are designed for space-saving manual container storage in medium-sized terminals. They can be configured with spans up to seven container rows plus road-truck lanes up to 1-over-6 high-cube containers and with a lifting capacity under spreader of up to 65 t.

The fully electric drive system is supplied via an on-board diesel generator or alternatively by means of an external power supply, which not only reduces operating costs but also lowers exhaust and noise emissions in the terminal.

Moreover, further technologies are available for energy saving, such as hybrid drive variants, in order to make operation of rubber-tired gantry cranes even more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


Crane capacity

  • Lifting capacity under spreader up to 65 t
  • For 20‘ to 45‘ containers as single or twin-lift


  • Span 23.47 metres and 26.50 metres (6 and 7 container rows plus road-truck lane)
  • Hoisting height under spreader 18.1 and 21 m (1-over-5 and 1-over-6 high-cube containers)

Travel speeds

  • Hoisting with load up to 30 m/min
  • Hoisting with empty spreader up to 60 m/min
  • Trolley travel up to 75 m/min
  • Gantry travel with empty spreader up to 135 m/min


  • Fully electric
  • Power supply via on-board diesel generator or external power supply

Types available

  • 8 or 16 wheels


External power supply

  • Busbars, on the ground or high up
  • Overhead line
  • Guided power cable

Energy saving/recovery

  • Excellent diesel generator idling control
  • Hybrid drive with flywheel as energy storage system
  • Hybrid drive with battery as energy storage system

Control and navigation systems

  • Remote crane management system
  • Differential GPS
  • Container tracking
  • Automatic steering