Model 4 Mobile Harbor Cranes

As versatile as possible, no larger than necessary

As versatile as possible, no larger than necessary - this is the motto for our medium-sized mobile harbor crane family. The Konecranes Gottwald Model 4 Mobile Harbor Crane therefore has a very compact and functional design. Available in many variants, it is a 100 t crane with a working radius of up to 46 m and a maximum lifting speed of 120 m/min. It has high crane classifications such as A7 for a 40-ton grab curve, or A8 for a 34-ton grab curve. It can be used with ships up to Panamax class. 

The Model 4 is the most versatile mobile harbor crane in our family of medium-sized cranes. Constructed like the other members of the family, but configured as a four-rope grab crane, it can be used not only for containers and general cargo, but also for handling a wide range of bulk goods. With its maximum lifting capacity of 100 t, it also gives the option of heavy-load lifting for projects, opening up additional business potential.