CXT UNO Wire Rope Hoist Crane

Focusing on the essential features in an overhead crane

The Konecranes CXT UNO overhead crane is a robust, strong and reliable tool for lifting up to 12.5 tons. It is a simple, easy-to-use crane with only the most essential features for everyday lifting.

Based around our popular CXT hoist, one of the most reliable hoists on the market today, the CXT UNO brings the renowned Konecranes quality into your everyday work at a very sensible price with a focus on only core components and vital features.

Straightforward yet powerful lifting

It might be a simple, straightforward crane, but the CXT UNO is still packed with the known high quality and reliability. The large drum diameter causes less wear on the rope and improves hook approaches. Thermal-protected motors prevent overheating, and mechanical overload protection means you have a much safer working environment. An optimised steel profile and box girders minimize the stress to your building. These are just a few examples.

The CXT UNO is flexible in design and use, so your crane may be tailor-made for your industry and your facility. Lifting height is up to 12 meters, and span can be up to 28 meters. Take advantage of your available space with a CXT low-headroom hoist, giving a 3.2-ton, 5-ton, or 12.5-ton capacity. All speed controls offer several options to optimise your lifts and hoist traveling. 

Decades of experience from Konecranes in one compact package

A simplified design means both ease of use and ease of service. With less components, less maintenance is required. Our fast service response and quick spare parts delivery helps to keep your crane in good working order.

The CXT UNO crane is decades of experience brought together in one compact, economical and essential package.

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