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Regardless of how well they’re made, mechanical and electrical components eventually stop working. Spare parts are essential to keep your port lifting and container handling equipment running.


Whether they are identical replacements, or suitably engineered modern alternatives, Konecranes can provide the parts you need. It doesn’t matter who made your equipment, how old it is or where you are. Konecranes is constantly improving local availability, backed up by a global manufacturing and supplier network. Hub warehouses have been established at key geographical points to supply your local distribution center with the spare parts you need at your terminals. Delivery times are reduced and your downtime is minimal.


It’s strongly recommended that you use only Konecranes-approved spare parts in your Konecranes, Konecranes Gottwald, Konecranes Noell and Fantuzzi equipment. Only with Konecranes and our authorized manufacturers can you be sure that your parts are made to the right requirements. Our equipment is designed to work seamlessly, and some parts may only function correctly if they have been specially tooled for your specific applications.


As a Konecranes customer, you or your local dealer can already buy Konecranes spare parts from our web store. The site has been designed for a fast and easy user experience. Search by serial number, name, or specification. You can track your order, whether it’s a single part or anything up to 50 parts at once in a bulk order for a fleet, distribution across your operations, or convenient storage at your own warehouse. You can also contact us directly through the store for further assistance.


Of course, you could install your spare parts yourself. However, the use of a skilled Konecranes technician, with experience on similar equipment, is the most efficient way to install spare parts, and check the need for any additional servicing.


Ideally, regular maintenance is the best way to replace spare parts and keep your lifting equipment functioning optimally.


New technologies and IoT are making it easier for your equipment to say what spare parts it needs and, based on condition and use, anticipate what it will require in the future. Predictive maintenance will make replacing spare parts at the right time even easier than it is today.


When you replace the parts that are wearing out or reaching end-of-life, you will retain the safety, reliability and longevity of your lifting equipment. With over 100,000 spare parts to choose from, Konecranes makes it easy for you to find, buy, and install Konecranes-approved spare parts, to keep your machines in the best possible working order.

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From a single piece of equipment to entire operations, Konecranes supports you in port lifting.