Vacuum lifter for paper rolls

The right equipment for fully-automated paper handling


Our vacuum lifter will really make a difference to your paper storage.


An abundance of smart features, including automatic vacuum detection and collision avoidance, combine with a gentle gripping action to prevent damage to your paper rolls and ensure a steady lift. Immediate load pickup and slack rope detection provide accurate positioning and help improve your efficiency and productivity.


Automatic diameter detection enables fast gripping of small roll weights and “jumbo roll” handling for bigger rolls, with deviations from core diameters calculated for more precise lifting. The lifter easily adapts to a wide variety of fine paper grades and roll sizes. Purpose-built bottom seal rings ensure tight contact to more porous roll ends.


Independent systems and backups, including a redundant vacuum pump, help maximize safety. Sensors in the bottom and the center cone help prevent collisions, and centering pin integrating sensors detect paper roll cores and emergency stops.


Maintenance is simple with hinged electric boxes allowing easy access to other components.