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Increase your efficiency

The efficiency of your operation depends on your operators to be able to pack full buckets quickly. Our cranes can be equipped with Smart Features to shorten load cycles and minimise spillage.

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Beyond preventive maintenance

The severe environment and heavy use of coker cranes puts a lot of stress on the crane and its structure. Our Consultation Services take a deeper look at your crane and its components.

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Parts for all makes and models

We’re experienced with replacement parts for all crane brands. With almost a century of working with all types and makes of cranes, we’re a leading overhead crane parts supplier.


The crane

Cranes in hazardous production areas must be protected against corrosion from heat, dust, moisture and constant use. So Konecranes makes a range of coker cranes and hazardous cranes for that purpose.


Hard-working service

Oil & Gas or Petrochemical production cranes have to be especially durable to withstand the constant wear and stress of hazardous environments and coke-handling environment. Our Service experts can provide guidance on the right inspections and maintenance for your cranes.

Are you ready to connect?

TRUCONNECT® Remote Service

When you’re in the business of generating power, you need to keep your operations running. Remote Service provides you with data to help you make decisions about maintenance investments and productivity.

Customer story

Konecranes and SABIC

“This project shows Konecranes capability to successfully handle these kinds of challenging modernisations.”

Raine Jussila, Poduction Manager for Hazardous Environments