Any make, any model, we have the overhead crane parts you need

No matter how good the service and maintenance on your crane, part failure and downtime are inevitable. These periods often cost companies tens of thousands of dollars a day as they wait for replacement parts. It is essential to minimise the cost associated with downtime, and Konecranes exemplary replacement parts service does just that. We supply overhead crane spare parts for any crane, not just our own. With engineering and manufacturing expertise we can reverse engineer parts or make them to order when the OEM no longer provides them. We also produce custom parts to be compatible with and modernise older cranes, replacing only the obsolete components to bring them up to speed at reduced cost. Our service teams specialise in bringing cranes back to working condition quickly, with expedited shipping on spare parts to save precious time and money.

Parts design and manufacturing capabilities

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A new part is not always the best answer. Urgent repairs can sometimes be accomplished by rebuilding or refurbishing in less time than it would take to order a new part or component, especially with long lead time items. Stocking rebuilt motors, gear cases and brakes for spares or backup is an option that can reduce inventory costs.

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Reverse engineering

Replacement parts can be manufactured through reverse engineering for any make and model of overhead crane. Reverse engineering can help solve the problem when crane parts are obsolete or the OEM is no longer in business. It allows for enhancements to the material, design or manufacturing process to improve performance and increase lifespan of the part.

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Made-to-order parts

We can make parts to your specification. Manufactured parts can include hooks, rope drums, gears and shafts. Available in select locations, contact us for details.

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Component and assembly modernisation

In addition to offering new components and assemblies, Konecranes specializes in engineering and modernization of components and assemblies to replace those that are obsolete or no longer meeting manufacturing and industry standards.

Featured products

Konecranes Rope Guide

Konecranes has introduced a rope guide that is a convenient, high-quality, low-cost replacement for almost any brand of rope guide, whether Konecranes or other make. The universal and patented design allows for a range of drum diameter with fast installation and high-value performance. Roller wheels provide smooth transition movement, which can reduce drum wear.

Hook Latch Trigger

The Konecranes Hook Latch Trigger allows the crane operator to have both hands free to handle the load attachment when inserting or removing it from the hook, reducing the risk of finger, hand or back injury. The trigger is easily set to hold the latch in the open position. As the attachment is inserted into or removed from the hook, the trigger is released and the latch closes without further action from the operator.

Crane service

Crane parts installation

Our expert service technicians can install any part on any crane, whether a planned repair or an emergency.

Parts and service go hand in hand
Having the right parts on hand, whether your crane is new or old, can help reduce downtime during preventive maintenance or repairs. Not only can we provide you with parts, but also a range of services from on-call breakdown assistance and inspections to preventive maintenance programs and complete operation outsourcing.