LED Lighting Retrofit

Energy savings of up to 60% with led lighting retrofits

An LED Lighting Retrofit can help you save money, provide good lighting and give your crane a modern look.


LED lights last longer

Replacing crane lights and bulbs can be expensive. Traditional metal-halide or halogen lights have a limited service life and can suffer from damage due to vibrations, resulting in increased costs and less efficient operations. With an LED Lighting Retrofit you get lights that have a much longer service life, and will be far less prone to damage from vibration.


Lighting consumes the most power

Traditional lighting accounts for 50 to 90 per cent of electricity used by a crane. An LED Lighting Retrofit can therefore result in major cost savings in any crane operation.

LED lights provide the same amount of lighting to the working area as standard lights, yet they consume little more than one third of the energy. This means that with LED lighting you are able to cut your energy consumption by up to 60% per crane.


Safer and more user-friendly lights

Because light distribution in LED lights is more focused, the crane operator is less likely to get blinded by the light when looking at the load. Furthermore, with LED lighting the light is not dispersed laterally but directed where it is needed: on the load and on the workstation or facility.