TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring for cranes

Improved safety and optimised crane maintenance

TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring provides you with usage data that enables you to optimise service activities and visualise maintenance and application compliance. The data gives you confidence to plan your actions and make informed decisions regarding maintenance investments and productivity.


Data reporting helps you optimise crane usage

Emergency stops, overloads and other safety issues are captured and reported. This enables you to address problems and take corrective actions. With Remote Monitoring you can also optimise your crane usage by identifying how operator training could improve the safety and productivity of your worksite.

A variety of operating data regarding equipment usage is compiled periodically at the Konecranes Remote Data Centre. Easy-to-interpret graphical reports can be brought to you on demand or emailed on a predetermined schedule.

Where Remote Monitoring is in place, a focused selection of safety-related data, such as overloads and overheats, can be transmitted by email or text message soon after an event occurs so you can take prompt action as necessary.


Available for your entire crane fleet

Remote connection availability is included in new Konecranes equipment but can also be retrofitted to existing overhead cranes. The remote connection is based on a diagnostic unit that collects detailed information from the crane and sends it back to the Konecranes Remote Data Centre via a highly secure connection. The Remote Data Centre analyses and compiles the information into a report you can view online.

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring is currently available for Konecranes CXT® cranes for industrial applications and for SMARTON® cranes for heavy applications.