A strong and unique crane for demanding processes

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The Konecranes UNITON is an open winch electric overhead crane well-suited for demanding process applications. UNITON helps improve productivity, is energy efficient, and is easy to use. It manages heavy duty process applications smoothly and easily, across a wide range of industries.

Easily tailored with multiple configurations, the robust UNITON can lift anything from 6.3 tons to 160 tons, and up to 320 tons with two trolleys. But the real strength in the crane lies in its modular design, because we understand that you have unique lifting needs. The UNITON gives you choice and flexibility like never before.

Exceptional adaptability built in

UNITON is always tailored to your specific requirements. The modular design of the trolleys allows a wide variety of application-specific layout and makes maintenance easier.

Process adjustment is straightforward with a full range of speed options. Extended Speed Range (ESR) optimizes the speed of your crane by calculating the best hoisting speed based on the load. This means high accuracy in slow operations and shorter cycle times when moving fast.

Intelligent lifting with advanced technology

The modular construction of UNITON delivers a strongly competitive lifting solution. It is equipped with an extensive range of advanced technology to help improve safety and productivity. Total control over material handling is possible with our Smart Features, improving operator safety and reducing load cycle times.

UNITON controls are designed with both safety and simplicity in mind. Radio controllers, computer tablets, the Remote Operating Station and the Crane Management System all help you maneuver and monitor your crane. Remote monitoring and our online customer portal let you connect with your crane, providing insights and helping you optimize processes and maintenance activities.

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