Slab and billet handling cranes

crane advisor

These heavy-duty cranes take hot slabs, billets or blooms from the continuous casting machine conveyor and transports them to the storage area or feeds them to the rolling mill. They are high-speed production cranes designed with the same concern for safety and reliability as our charging and ladle cranes.

Slab and billet handling crane features

  • The optional Smarter cabin provides improved visibility with a window area increase of 60%, plus improved ergonomics and comfort.
  • Electrical cabinets can be provided with air conditioning when the working environment is demanding and/or when network braking is provided.
  • The programmable logic controller (PLC) controls and monitors the crane and provides a platform for Smart Features.
  • The special, tailored slewing trolley is designed for heavy-duty use. Alternatively, slewing can be implemented in the lifting device.
  • The power and signal cables are attached to the crane girder via the festoon system that moves alongside the trolley. The power cables and signal cables are kept separate.
  • Fast swapping of lifting devices for different applications is possible when attached with hooks. Alternatively, the bottom blocks are directly mounted on the loading device.
  • The crane allows easy access for routine maintenance.
  • End-carriages/bogies are heavy-duty with surface-hardened wheels.