Container Terminal Course

The Container Terminal Course is delivered by field specialists and university professors via online live classes. It brings general concepts and in-depth knowledge about all the areas of a container terminal, from the history of containerization to the latest trends in automation.

Participants who go through the program will have the opportunity to learn/practice how to:

  • Understand the general concepts and comprehensive details about all areas in a container terminal
  • The history behind the container terminals, containerization and automation
  • What are the state-of-the-art design and implementation techniques
  • The KPIs that matter when managing a container terminal
  • Examine all the types of equipment and layouts and learn what is the best for each location and demand
  • Build a network with global leaders in our industry
  • Get insights from specialists about the trends in automation

All modules are recorded so the students can have flexibility and study according to their availability

Ports Academy delivers:

Flexible Learning

  • Available 24/7 via Training Portal​
  • Flexibility to watch the classes when the terminal is idle​
  • Pause, jump backwards, and watch it as many times as you need​
  • Documentation and quizzes available in the portal

Live Remote Classes

  • Delivered via MS Teams​
  • Interaction with the instructor and other students​
  • Engage in interesting discussions with the class​
  • Build a network with global leaders in our industry​
  • 16 classes in total, one every two weeks​ ​

In-person Classes

  • Tailored to the customer’s needs​
  • Focus on the subjects you need​
  • Reduce or expand the scope​
  • Get the most out of the instructors​
  • Exclusive classes

General concepts and in-depth knowledge

The Container Terminal Course is designed to equip you with comprehensive knowledge about container terminals, enabling you to better understand your customers and enhance your interactions with them.

Course content:

  • Development of Containerization​
  • Development of Automation in Containerization​
  • Container Terminals and Supply Chain​
  • Vessels & Quay Design​
  • Quay Utilization and Productivity​
  • Crane Demand & Performance​
  • Gate Functions and Performance​
  • Gate Design and Simulation​
  • Yard Types & Design Criteria​
  • Yard Capacity​
  • Yard Strategic Management​
  • Waterside equipment​
  • Yard equipment​
  • Transport equipment​
  • Equipment Maintenance​
  • Automation in Container Terminals​