Replacement Hoists


The SMARTON® trolley is built for heavy process industries. The motor, gearbox and control unit are designed and manufactured in-house, which allows for excellent lifting performance and long life. The flange-mounted motors have integrated brakes, which support the proper alignment of the machinery.


The CJ trolley is designed for Class D or E use in industrial applications. Its greatest attribute is its ease of maintenance. The foot-mounted gear case is integrated into the trolley, which enables easy access to the gears, shafts and pinions without needing to remove the entire trolley.


With over 10,000 CXT® hoists delivered by Konecranes each year, the numbers alone speak for the exceptional performance. The proven technology brings a high level of safety and reliability to your working process. The CXT is one of the best hoists on the market with its excellent design and approach dimensions, allowing efficient use of space under the crane.