TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring for cranes

Get connected to your crane data

TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring collects condition, usage and operating data from control systems and sensors on a crane and provides alerts of certain anomalies. Remote Monitoring data is used in maintenance planning and in predicting possible component or equipment failure. 

Collected data varies depending on the make and model of your crane, but typically covers condition and expected service life of critical components, running time, lifted loads, motor starts, work cycles and emergency stops. Additional TRUCONNECT options allow certain cranes to be equipped with hoisting brake and/or inverter monitoring.

TRUCONNECT data is accessible on the yourKONECRANES customer portal and includes:

  • Safety-related occurrences, such as brake service life, over-temperatures, attempted overloads and emergency stops
  • Pareto analysis of critical alerts and faults
  • Operating statistics, such as load spectrum, monitoring of hoist jogging, overloads, emergency stops, work cycles and running hours
  • Estimates of remaining Design Working Period (DWP) of selected components, such as the hoist, hoist brake, contactors and trolley (SMARTON)

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring with alerts based on the equipment/application is required in order to effectively implement predictive maintenance. Remote Monitoring data combined with inspection and maintenance data provided by the maintenance program gives a comprehensive view of equipment maintenance needs and performance.

Safety alerts are delivered automatically by email or text message to notify designated contact personnel of selected safety risk events. 

Benefits of TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

  • Supports predictive maintenance 
  • Maintenance actions can be planned based on estimated component condition i.e. estimated remaining life
  • Provides knowledge of the remaining design working period (DWP) and remaining service life of selected components such as hoist, brakes, structures and contactors
  • Provides asset usage and operating information that is used to assess crane condition and safety
  • Notifies you of brake service life, hoist overloads, emergency-stops and over-temperature occurrences through text or email alerts, allowing for prompt response

Available for your whole crane fleet

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring can be delivered with new Konecranes cranes such as CXT® hoists, new CXT SMART, PLC controlled SMARTON / UNITON cranes, new waste to energy cranes and select engineered cranes, to sites where mobile network coverage is available.

Remote monitoring can also be retrofitted on some existing cranes including Demag hoists and cranes equipped with SafeControl.