TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring retrofits

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring hardware can be retrofitted on existing cranes including Konecranes equipment, non-Konecranes brand hoists and Demag hoists and cranes equipped with SafeControl. These retrofits can help give you a comprehensive fleet view of all your assets.

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring provides real-time crane condition, usage and operating information. Identifying anomalies, patterns and trends in this data assists in making informed, component-specific predictions and prioritizing maintenance actions.

When combined with inspection and maintenance information provided by a maintenance program, remote monitoring data gives a comprehensive view of equipment maintenance needs and performance. Decisions to replace components are driven by a combination of preventive and predictive maintenance decisions. 

All collected equipment usage, condition, operation and maintenance information is available on the yourKONECRANES customer portal.

ControlPro Retrofit

The ControlPro Retrofit allows for the addition of TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring. ControlPro is available as a retrofit package for all cranes, regardless of type, brand or age.

TRUCONNECT Modem Upgrade 

A TRUCONNECT modem can be installed on all cranes with ControlPro units to provide connection capability for TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring.

TRUCONNECT Retrofit Kit for cranes not manufactured by Konecranes 

This retrofit allows a crane not manufactured by Konecranes to be equipped with the hardware required for TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring.

TRUCONNECT Retrofit for Demag Cranes

This retrofit allows Demag SafeControl controlled cranes to be equipped with the necessary hardware needed for TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring. The easy-to-follow instructions and complete hardware kit allow for quick installation by in-house maintenance teams. Hardware attachments and antennas are specifically designed to fit Demag DR and DMR hoists and cranes and the same data points as Demag StatusControl 2.0 are monitored.