Customer Portal Features


The customer portal gives you a complete view of your assets and relationship with Konecranes online, at your convenience. You can access inspection and service reports, service schedules, maintenance histories, asset lists, service spend and agreement details. You can even use yourKONECRANES to initiate service requests.


Get a quick view of safety alerts, risks and expenditure for all your assets. TRUCONNECT® alerts are displayed at the top along with crane usage by running hours and starts. A risk summary for your assets includes safety risks, production risks, undetermined risks and improvement opportunities. You can also see total service expenditure or expenditure by asset. The activity tab shows all service activities in a selected time frame; you can view all your documents that have been generated or uploaded during a selected time frame in the documents tab; and the new service request button allows you to initiate a new service request with one click. Information from your Service Review and Business Review can be viewed at any time.


Remote Monitoring usage data can be viewed by fleet or a single piece of equipment. A summary view allows you to easily filter by date. Easy-to-read graphs show running hours, hoist motor starts, hoist overloads, emergency stops and over-heating occurrences. You can also see an estimate of remaining service life, or designed working period (DWP).


Asset list

See all your assets in one place, including TRUCONNECT and service assets. From this list, you can see details on each asset such as description, location and TRUCONNECT online status.

Service calendar

The calendar view allows you to see completed and upcoming service activity. A colour-coded key shows the status of the service and filtering allows you to see activities by service product.

Service Review

After a service visit, a service professional from your local branch will follow up with you to go through open recommendations and quotes, answer your questions and plan the next steps. This information can be viewed by you at any time on On the activity tab, filtering for Completed Service Request will show you a basic summary of your recent service. You can see a risk summary for your most recent service and details of each inspected component with recommendations and technician’s comments.

Business Review

This business-level review of your current maintenance programme is aimed at demonstrating a return on investment and driving continuous improvement. The portal contains the information presented in your Business Review and can be accessed at any time under the Business Review tab.

You can see your agreement information as well as all the Service products related to your agreement. The expenditure section shows expenditure figures and service KPIs. Assets can be sorted by expenditure and you can filter by service type or see all expenditure at once. Another filter allows you to view by asset criticality so that you can see the trends and expenditure figures for your most critical assets.