Konecranes Noell Ship-to-Shore Cranes

Ship-to-shore cranes

Konecranes offers ship-to-shore cranes for loading and unloading of ships of all types and classes. Konecranes Noell ship-to-shore cranes offer load capacities of up to 80 t for professional container handling in medium to large sized terminals with high handling rates and speeds alongside ships up to Super-Post-Panamax class.


Konecranes adapts ship-to-shore cranes to meet individual terminal requirements. In addition to crane geometry, this also includes the power supply, which generally uses an external power source but can alternatively be powered with a diesel-electric generator.

With Konecranes Noell ship-to-shore cranes, customers benefit from a large number of trolley configurations, including solutions with two trolleys. Our ship-to-shore cranes set new standards for the economical and efficient loading and unloading of large ships – a great investment for any terminal to increase productivity.


Performance figures and handling types

  • Container handling from 20’ to 45’ in single, twin and tandem lift operation
  • Ship sizes Feeder, Panamax, post-Panamax and Super-post-Panamax classes
  • Load capacities (using spreaders) from 40 t to 65 t in single and twin lift operation from 80 t to 120 t in tandem lift operation


  • Span 16 m to 30.5/35 m
  • Water-side outreach 30 m to 70 m
  • Land-side outreach 10 m to 30 m
  • Lifting height – above quay level 21 m to 51.5 m
  • Lifting height – below quay level 10 m to 20 m
  • Buffer to buffer 27 m (standard)


  • Lifting under load from 50 to 90 m/min
  • Lifting without load from 120 to 180 m/min
  • Trolley travel from 150 to 244 m/min
  • Crane travel 45 m/min (standard)


  • Fully electric with external power supply (standard)
  • Alternative power supply through on-board diesel generator


Steel construction variants (boom/trolley girder)

  • Monobox
  • Double Box
  • Lattice


  • Rope-drawn, self-propelled or machine house trolley
  • Variant with double trolleys

Special designs

  • “Low profile” ship-to-shore cranes
  • “Goose neck” design
  • Slewing trolley