Model 2 Mobile Harbor Cranes

Cost-effective and versatile

The Konecranes Gottwald Model 2 Mobile Harbor Crane is the first member of our family of small mobile harbor cranes. It has a number of variants specially developed for use in small river and maritime ports, or where quayside space is limited. As with all Konecranes Gottwald mobile harbor cranes, the Model 2 is available as a mobile harbor crane, portal harbor crane, crane on barge and rubber-tired portal harbor crane.

The Model 2 combines the mobility of the rubber-tired mobile harbor crane with the drive-under capability given by portal design and bears the type designation G HRK rubber-tired portal harbor crane. hanks to its tight turning circle, crab steering and ability to turn on the spot, this crane is easy to maneuver and quick to position alongside ships.

Variant Maximum lifting capacity [t] Hoisting speed [m/min] Hoist configuration Diesel engine nominal output (PRP, ISO 8528) [kW]
G HMK / G HRK 2204 63 0 – 100 1 x 2 = one 2-rope hoist 570
G HMK / G HRK 2304 80 0-85 1 x 2 = one 2-rope hoist 570
G HMK / G HRK 2305 B 80 / 32 / 25 0 – 100 2 x 2 = two 2-rope hoists 570


The Model 2 crane is equipped with a standard range of features that improve productivity and eco-efficiency for economical, sustainable cargo handling in ports and terminals.

We also offer a range of optional, special features such as:

  • Load guidance system, including:

    - linear load motion
    - load antisway
    - point-to-point handling mode
    - hoisting height limiting system

  • Tandem lift assistant and vertical lift assistant
  • Verifiable weighing system

The use of energy-efficient hybrid drive units or external power sources significantly improves the efficiency of the drive system and helps to reduce impacton the environment.