Reliability built with experience

The Konecranes e-TON is a built-up open winch overhead crane flexible enough for a wide range of industrial applications, including general manufacturing, automotive and mining. It is particularly well-adapted for the steel industry, as it handles coils, slabs and pipes with ease and also the storage, warehouse and service centre.

Easily tailored with multiple configurations, the robust e-TON  can lift anything from 5 tons to 50 tons. But the real strength in the crane lies in its modular design, because we understand that you have unique lifting needs.

Each e-TON crane is designed and built for the specific conditions of your facility. So factors like temperature, humidity, wear on parts and possible corrosion are anticipated in advance. This helps extend the lifetime of your crane and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns. Maintenance is easy due to the carefully-planned, simplified design, fast service response and quick spare parts delivery.

Choose from a full range of load and duty class options, hoisting speeds, lifting heights and operator interfaces. Load Control Features give you better control over your material handling. The tough, reliable components and modular construction concept delivers a strongly competitive lifting solution.

e-TON Technology highlights

  • High performance motor, gearbox and control system
  • EHT brakes automatic lining wear adjustment
  • Two point drum suspension for increased reliability. Deep grooves available for heavy duty use.
  • Fully enclosed machinery and second hoist brake available for improved safety
  • Life long lubricated bearings for pulleys.
  • Single rope with multiple reeving designs
  • Service platform available for easy and safe maintenance access
  • Trolley rail gauge is designed for the required lifting height; minimized buffer to buffer dimension; maximized lifting space
  • Hook latch trigger for increased safety
  • Gear reducers custom built for crane use. Hrdened and ground gearing to meet the highest requirements in the industry
  • L bracket type arreangement for easy replacement of CT and LT wheels

And even more, our TRUCONNECT Remote Service brings a new modern edge to maintenance, as it helps keep your cranes operating even when we're not there.

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