XM Steel Workstation Cranes

Strong and robust

Our XA aluminium workstation crane applies the strength and low weight of aluminium to every light material lifting need. It handles loads of up to 2,000 kg across a wide variety of rail types, and is a cost-efficient solution for your work area. It is not only extremely light but provides also easy and smooth travelling movement with low hand force.

Lighter than steel by about 50%, the crane gives less rolling resistance compared to equivalent steel systems. The light aluminium structure allows an operator to move the hoist easily. Minimal physical effort means better ergonomics and better safety.

Workstation crane options

The XA aluminium track profiles are cut to length, with bolt connections that make installation much easier, faster and safer than systems that require welding. These modular systems are also easily expanded upon or relocated to suit your future needs.

We offer single girder, double girder and monorail models, as well as both ceiling suspensions and freestanding structures. A range of power supply options ensures a good solution for your needs. Push/pull trolleys as well as motorised inverter control drives are available. In addition, the XA aluminium workstation crane requires less maintenance and is quick to install.

The crane is especially compatible with the CLX and SLX electric chain hoists, the ATB AirBalancer and the ATL Vertical Lifter. This makes it easy to add other Konecranes equipment when you need it, saving time and money.

The XA aluminium workstation crane is also available for hazardous environments.

Cost-effective crane system

The low rolling resistance of the XA aluminium workstation crane allows many tasks to be accomplished with push/pull trolleys rather than motorised drives, which can provide savings on equipment, maintenance and electricity.

Our aluminium profiles are anodised, which increases the aluminium alloy's naturally excellent corrosion resistance and durability. This makes the Konecranes XA system a sustainable and worthwhile investment for years to come.

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