Hoist, trolley and crane upgrades

Let Konecranes evaluate your equipment and recommend which modernisation upgrade is right for you.

Girder Modifications and Reinforcements

Konecranes can increase or decrease the length of the girder span, which may be required during building expansions or when fitting a used crane into an existing building. Additionally, girders may need to be repaired or reinforced, particularly when the lifted capacity is being uprated.

The SMT Trolley

The SMARTON® trolley is built for heavy process industries. The motor, gearbox and control unit are designed and manufactured in-house, which allows for excellent lifting performance and long life. The flange-mounted motors have integrated brakes, which support the proper alignment of the machinery.

Long Travel Bumpers

Protect your crane and your building by installing a spring, hydraulic or rubber long travel bumper that meet legal requirements.


Increase safety by adding or refurbishing walkways and handrails.

End Trucks and Wheel Assemblies

Anti-friction bearings help meet increased productivity demands. Konecranes high-capacity end trucks are designed to extend wheel life and improve crane tracking.

Hoist Gear Case

Your gear case can be overhauled or entirely replaced to suit its operating environment or to uprate the lifting capacity, if needed. Critical components such as shafts, bearings and gears can be precision machined and heat-treated for long life.

Self-Adjusting, Self-Aligning Brakes

Reduce maintenance by automatically compensating for lining wear. DC AISE spring set, electric release or AC impulse-actuated shoe brakes are available.

Long Travel Brakes

Where long travel brakes are used, typically on DC powered cranes, these brakes can be arranged for cab or floor operation. Components to refurbish or replace include electric and hydraulic shoes, DC spring sets, discs and release mechanisms.

Bottom Blocks

Konecranes stocks complete bottom blocks in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, as well as common wear items such as hooks, frames, pins, sheaves, bearings and safety latches.