ATL Vertical Lifter

Sway-free lifting and precise movement

The Konecranes pneumatic ATL Vertical Lifter is a telescopic lifting device for use with an XA aluminium workstation crane. The special telescopic design helps you lift loads of up to 250 kg outside the center of gravity, unlike conventional chain hoists or rope hoists.

The ATL Vertical Lifter is excellent for the handling requirements of process industries, including manufacturing, solar energy, automotive, railroad, and aviation.

Extreme accuracy

Even when lifting unbalanced loads, the ATL remains rigidly fixed to a double-girder bridge trolley, which allows the load to remain on the same vertical axis, even when not lifting at the load’s center of gravity.

In this way, you can move items with an accuracy not possible when using standard overhead crane products or manual lifting.

The vertical lifter adapts to your requirements

A rigid aluminium structure combined with almost any lifting device means the ATL vertical lifter can be selectively customized to meet varied and even unique product handling needs. Its modular design means it can easily be adjusted for each individual use.

Our vertical lifter can perform frequent repetitive lifts easily, quickly and with a very high level of precision. Its telescopic guides allow sway-free lifting, and a smaller cycle time noticeably improves your productivity.

Contact us to see if the ATL is the right product for you.