SLX Electric Chain Hoists

A perfect choice for demanding use

With its advanced technology, the SLX electric chain hoist combines safety and efficiency. It is ideal for everything from precise assembly work and sensitive parts handling to demanding use.

The SLX has all the features of the CLX electric chain hoist and more. It can lift up to 2,500kg.

Outstanding safety

The SLX electric chain hoist has stepless hoisting speeds with an inverter. It also has an electronic overload device and slack chain control, as well as programmable limit switches. The Extended Speed Range aids shorter cycles and helps make the hoisting and lowering of partial loads faster.

Another safety feature is Shock Load Absorption, which reduces the effects of shock loads. In addition, clutch and brake supervision improve safety through pulse sensors.

Built-in versatility and long life

From precision work to tough, difficult jobs, the SLX can do it all, while enhancing safety and allowing easy maintenance. Hardy and long-lasting, the SLX will give years of service to your facility.

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