Mechanical gripper for paper rolls

Advanced equipment to increase storage efficiency

A durable structure and long-lasting components make our mechanical gripper the ideal addition to your paper storage facility.

The latest technology, including smart sensors and other intelligent features, protects your paper rolls from damage during movement. Sensors detect obstacles, stack height and distance from the tops of paper rolls. Load sway prevention allows shorter cycle times and improved productivity.

Move different paper grades and roll sizes with the same gripper, streamlining storage and retrieval. Grab fully-wrapped paper rolls up to 3.6 meters high, lift multiple rolls at once and hold rolls steady, even without power. The gripper adjusts its clamping force to individual roll weights and distributes it between pads. Load cells detect the force and adjust it precisely.

Guiding slides protect rolls from accidental contact with gripping pads, and the static safety factor protects against load drops.

A maintenance-free clamping drive unit helps minimize service and repairs.