Ship loading and unloading image

Ship loading and unloading

We provide Konecranes STS and Konecranes Noell STS cranes in sizes ranging from Panamax to Super-Post-Panamax, with a long list of standard and optional features to choose from. We also provide a set of driver assistance features. Our STS cranes have an excellent reputation for design, build quality and after-sales support. We can erect them on-site, or ship them fully erect depending on your location.

Horizontal transport image

Horizontal transport

The Konecranes Noell Sprinter Carrier is an excellent choice for bringing containers from the quayside into the container yard. The Sprinter Carrier works smoothly as part of both automated container yard operations and manned yard operations.

Ship-to-Shore Gantry Cranes

Very productive and reliable STS cranes: no quayside bottlenecks

BOXRUNNER Straddle Carrier

The flexible link between STS and yard cranes, stacking 1-over-1

Customer Story

Sweet Savannah's Port

“We aim high within our industry, so we look for partners that have similar standards.”

Curtis Folz, Chief Operating Officer, Georgia Ports Authority