Retrofits & Modernizations

Make Old Cranes Like New Again

Retrofits provide your cranes with new technology that was not available when they were originally delivered. It brings their handling, function and reliability up to the same level as the latest generation of Konecranes port lifting equipment.


Konecranes Port Services offers a range of retrofits under three main categories. Automation products, such as Collision Prevention and Auto-steering, ease operating conditions. Uptime products like the Drive and Control System Retrofit (DCSR) and Crane Management System (CMS) future-proof your cranes and keep them running. Environmental products like power option retrofits reduce emissions and fuel costs.


Modernizations upgrade your cranes by making major changes to their design, such as height, outreach, or a different line-of-sight for the operator. You can repurpose your cranes for new applications, functions or locations, or accommodate increases in vessel size.


The most common modernizations replace critical components such as hoists, trolleys and operator cabs for better capacity, speed and load control. A fast-growing business or changes in statutory requirements often prompt a modernization project. If you need to move a crane, structural modifications may be necessary for it to fully integrate into its new environment.


Both retrofits and modernizations help your cranes continue to perform at the highest level, increasing safety, reliability and operational efficiency. They are economical solutions that use the existing steel structures and maximize the lifecycle value of your equipment.

Smart features

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Konecranes smart feature for yard cranes, Auto-path Optimizing

Konecranes smart feature for yard cranes, Auto-TOS Reporting